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Ground Accessibility & Mobility Matting System

Our trademarked solution, ACCESSDECK®USA, is a multi-function super strong and non-slip panel system designed for your leisure and construction needs. From pedestrians to heavy-duty vehicles,


ACCESSDECK®USA is multi-faceted. It is the perfect solution to protect your ground surface for events, landscaping, and construction, or to create temporary pathways, roadways, parking, etc.

ACCESSDECK®USA is available on GSA
GSA Contract # 47QSWA20D005C



  • Made in the USA

  • Color: Light blue or light tan.

  • Additional colors are available upon inquiry.

  • Weight / unit: 61 lbs.

  • Dimensions: 4’ x 6’. Customizable dimensions optional, up to 5’ x 8’

  • Core thickness: ½”

  • Warranty: 6 Yrs.

  • Affordable – Made in the USA

  • ADA / ABA / OADA Compliant

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Extremely Durable & Resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Super Comfortable

  • Slip Resistant

  • Versatile

Affordable - Made in the USA.JPG
Affordable - Made in the USA:

ACCESSREC, LLC is proud to be manufacturing ACCESSDECK®USA in the United States of America. Especially in a time of global crisis such as COVID19, American customers are proud to support and depend upon products made in the USA. Buying American made products like ACCESSDECK®USA also brings many more advantages:

  • Buy American Compliant

  • Higher Quality of Products

  • Higher Standard of Safety & Quality Control

  • Better for the Environment – lower carbon footprint than imported products

  • Stronger American Economy

  • Quicker Turn Around Time, Cheaper & More Reliable Shipping


ACCESSDECK®USA is fully accessible via wheelchair, beach access chair, walker, stroller, or other wheeled pedestrian assistance vehicles. ACCESSDECK®USA provides a firm and non-slip surface no matter the incline.

CNC machines are used to finish our product with precision to exceed the accessibility guidelines.

Contact us for more specifics.

Environmentally Friendly.JPG

Our factory is in the USA contributing to lower carbon emissions. Our panels are fabricated of 20% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.


ACCESSDECK®USA withstands the environmental elements as well as extensive wheelchair, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic, up to 90 tons*. No matter the application (adaptive pathway, roadway, parking, etc.), our panels can meet virtually any need.

*Load bearing capacity is subject to ground conditions.

Light Weight.JPG

At 61 pounds per 4’ x 6’ panel, ACCESSDECK®USA is at least 11.5% lighter than comparable panel systems offered in the same dimensions. Lighter allows for easier manual installation. The lighter weight also makes for easier delivery and transportation of the materials.

Aesthetically Pleasing.JPG

The new ACCESSDECK®USA is produced in a light blue or light tan color. These options are aesthetically pleasing, particularly designed to blend in with their natural surroundings. Lighter colors are also more suitable for hotter temperatures as our panels will not conduct as much heat as darker colors. The blue and tan colored plates integrate well with our beach accessibility roll out matting systems ACCESSMAT®, which we also offer in blue or brown.

Slip Resistant.JPG

Thanks to the proprietary composite material of our panels, your temporary adaptive pathway is slip-resistant no matter the incline they are installed onto.

The tread of the heavy-duty side of our panel offers a rigid surface that provides additional mat traction, helping to prevent slippage or spin out. This design is specific to larger vehicular traffic (i.e. landscape, maintenance, and construction machine equipment or vehicle).

In addition to the above, drainage holes prevent the puddling of water on the panel surface.

Super Comfortable.JPG

Comfortability is key when it comes to creating a path for beachgoers or a temporary walkway for pedestrians over sand, grass, gravel, mud, etc. Barefoot pedestrians enjoy the soft touch and impressive grip that ACCESSDECK®USA offers beneath their feet. Wheelchair users can safely and smoothly maneuver on the “Chevron” style tread surface, no matter the incline of the terrain where it is installed!


The dimensions, treads, and holes placement of ACCESSDECK®USA yield tremendous benefits:

  • Completely customizable- Ten recessed connection holes allow you to connect your panels in a multitude of formations to specifically fit your needs!

  • The dimensions of ACCESSDECK®USA make it more manageable and transportable as its 4’ width fits easily in the bed of most pickup trucks.

  • Reversible- Our decking system has a unique integrated tread pattern molded onto each side of the plate to serve multi-purpose solutions. On one side it offers a wheelchair/pedestrian-friendly, non-slip "Chevron tread" to guarantee a safe and comfortable access way while providing a traction-resistant surface. The other side offers a standard rigid surface tread that provides additional tire traction, helping to prevent mat slippage or spin out. This capability is ideal for situations where the need for wheelchair and pedestrian access is present; however, a rugged tread design may, at one point, be desired.



ACCESSDECK®USA - Ground Accessibility & Mobility Matting System